ATDのイベント、International Conference & EXPO (ICE)では、基調講演以外にも分科会(Concurrent Sessions)が開催されます。具体的な講座名が下記です。


講演名 スピーカー
Going Global: Design and Delivery for Multiple Cultures
Beth Yoder, Peter Byebierggaard
What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Up? Discovering Your Purpose
Amy Dinning
“Oh Yeah . . . Make Me!” Techniques for Handling Resistant Learners Laura Arellano
A Chat Bot Case Study: The Future of Learning Transfer and Evaluation Emma Weber, Marie Daniels
Resilience: The Key to Thriving Amidst Change Lisa Dahmus
Using Mobile to Reignite Experiential Learning Guy Sellwood, Dave Barone
The Accidental Performance Consultant: Getting Performance Improvement Despite Your Role Joe Willmore
Performance Psychology: Not Just for Athletes Dan Phillips, Hannah Prince
It’s Time to Rewire Our Brains: The Secret to Success in the Face of Unrelenting Change Andrew Shatté
Goodbye Learning Events. Hello High-Performance Learning Journeys. Jason Durkee, Ian Townley
How to Accelerate Learning Transfer Through Competency-Based Learning Cheryl Lasse, Lesley Roddam
Accelerating Women to Be Influential Leaders With Greater Impact Barbara Teicher
Trust: The Key Ingredient to Organizational Health Richard Fagerlin
Co-Designing High-Performance Ecosystems Arun Pradhan
Design With the End in Mind: Getting Measurable Results With xAPI Art Werkenthin, Duncan Welder
Why Feedback Fails and What You Can Do About It

Dianna Anderson

Using Strategic Thinking to Become a Strategy Superhero Rich Horwath
Bring the Outdoors In: Experiential Adventure-Based Strategies That Engage

Pam Marshall Annitto

Accelerated High-Potential Development at Every Level Tricia Naddaff
Building the Bench: Elevating High-Performing Salespeople Into Manager Roles Dayna Williams
Turn Outward: The Crucial Move to Organizational Turnaround David Gibson
5月19日(月) 3:00 -4:00 pmを読む
5月20日(月) 10:45 am – 12:00 pmを読む