ATDのイベント、International Conference & EXPO (ICE)では、基調講演以外にも分科会(Concurrent Sessions)が開催されます。具体的な講座名が下記です。


講演名 スピーカー
Turning a Battleship on a Dime: The SEA Case Study
George “Bud” Baker
Implementing Machine Learning and AI in Learning—Global Cases and Best Practices
Paul Signorelli, Evert Pruis, Amit Nagpal, Koko Nakahara
4 Steps to Help Employees Self-Train
Francis Wade
Nursing Onboarding Redesign: Watch Your Program Evaluation Measures Skyrocket!
Pamela Mann, Loretta La Point
L&D as the New Kid on the Blockchain?
L&D (ラーニング・アンド・ディベロップメント) ニュー・キッズ・オン・ザ・ブロックチェーン
Ger Driesen
Create an Impact Reporting Strategy That Sticks
Cristina Hall
Hacking the LMS Evaluation Process: Strategies and Considerations for a Smooth Selection Brian Carlson
Is Your Company Ready for Augmented Reality Learning? Debbie Richards
Going Out on Your Own: An Interactive Map From Road Warriors Who’ve Made the Journey! Patti Phillips, Maureen Orey, Cindy Huggett, Barbara Greenstein, Rita Bailey
The Force of Habit: Applying Neuroplasticity to Automate Productivity and Behavior Change Michael Kim
Why “Re-Fit” Is as Important as “Best Fit” John Broer
Positively Priming the Learner’s Brain Bob Faw
Earn Your Seat at the Table With a Microlearning Strategy Summer Salomonsen
The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up: Surviving the “Difficult Boss” (and Thriving) Dana Brownlee
Creating Safe Spaces for Meaningful Conversations: Advanced Facilitation Techniques Tiffany Quivers
Design Thinking: An Approach to Transform Your Organization and Improve Outcomes Nelson Soken
Learning While Working: Structuring Your On-the-Job Training Paul Smith
The Missing Element in Leadership Development: 6 Situational Mindsets Mary Lippitt
Using AI and Analytics to Deliver High-Impact Leadership Development Alan Todd
Beyond Category: Achieving Stellar Performance Howard Prager
The Framework for a Solid Sales Playbook Haley Katsman
When Passion Is Not Enough: Understanding the Science of Belonging Inclusion and Growth Leeno Karumanchery
5月19日(月) 1:30 – 2:30 pmを読む
5月19日(月) 4:30 – 5:30 pmを読む